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“Over 20 years of trading in The Triangle, Bournemouth and we are still here. Times are changing for retail but small independent shops are essential for a thriving community. So get yourself down here and see what we have to offer. I’ll be surprised if there’s not something here you’ll want to buy and take home with you.”

– Jay (Owner)

What we sell

Smoking Accessories

Hey, some of us like a smoke now and again. So if you like to roll your own come in and see what we've got.

E-juice and vaping equipment

We stock a large range of e-juice along with a large range of vapourising equipment, mods, pods, tanks, batteries and coils.

Alternative Culture Items

From funky hair dyes to joss sticks, dream catchers and more, you will find lots of interesting things that you won't find elsewhere on the high street.

Art Supplies

We stock the full colour palette of MTN 94 spray paint as well as other brands, pens, caps and plenty of other art materials.

Find us in Bournemouth

The Third Side is located in The Triangle in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.