Silver Palm Leaf Pipe


Designed in 1993, the Silver Palm Leaf quickly established itself as one of the finest pipes in the world. The innovative credit card design allows smokers to be discreet whilst always being prepared and its rugged steel design makes it almost indestructible. The Silver Palm Leaf is an iconic design and now sits proudly in the V&A’s permanent collection.

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Every Pipe is Unique

Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe was designed and manufactured in the UK. Made from 18/8 austenitic stainless steel using the ancient lost wax process. A wax facsimile of each credit card pipe created by injecting wax into a tool. This is then coated in a ceramic “slip” and left to dry. The wax is then melted out of the shell and molten steel poured in it’s place. This process means that each Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe is completely unique.  Each one in a World of it’s own.


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